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Taha Disposal is a Leading Scap Buyers in Pune India, as Electronic Waste Recyclers began operations from 2017 as scrap dealers. We specialize in the environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of economic waste

  • E-Waste Solutions

    We are able to handle any volume of scraps on electronic devices – from a single smartphone to thousands of gadgets & electronic devices.

  • Asset Recovery

    Recycling process involves Sourcing & Collection, Sorting & Grading, Dismantling, Shredding and Disposal.


    We provide electronic and electrical Consumer Equipment E-Waste Recycling Services as a scrap buyers in Pune.

  • Our Facilities

    whether it is recycling or destroying, Taha disposal scrap buyers can help you dispose of your IT Asset equipment and other electronics.

About Taha Disposal

Taha disposal scrap buyers in Pune, India is a Leading Electronic Waste Recyclers began operations from 2017, is occupied with taking care of, reusing and reusing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in eco benevolent way.

The activity is to go for lessening the aggregation of utilized and tossed electronic and electrical equipment’s, which most wind up in landfills or somewhat reused in an unhygienic conditions by patio Recyclers and afterward incompletely tossed into waste streams harming the environment.

The goal of Taha Disposal scrap dealers in Pune, is to make a chance to move waste into socially and modernly gainful crude materials like profitable metals, plastics and glass utilizing basic, cost productive, home developed, natural benevolent innovations suitable to Indian Conditions.



E wastes or electronic wastes includes all the items which are old and broken like iron, computers, laptops, mobile phones, microwave oven, coffee makers, CPU, televisions, CRTs, radios, stereos and many other items which are wrecked and no longer be used. Don’t collect these at your home or office, but you must get them recycled from the companies like Taha Disposal Pune.

Service we offer

By partnering with us, you can be confident that your data, brands, and corporate image will be protected throughout the electronics end-of-life process.

  • Machinery

  • Electric Motors

  • AC Plant

  • Tooling

  • Electric

  • Electronics

  • Hardware

  • Generators

Recent portfolio

The following services can be mixed and matched in nearly to meet your needs. Those services that we cannot provide in-house in a given jurisdiction we can source from our extensive network of affiliates, all of whom meet our exacting standards of quality, security, and environmental responsibility.




Monitors & LCD's




SMPS & Power Supply






AC Plants



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94, Shankar Shet Road, Opp. Export Import Bank, Pune 411042. Maharashtra, India.

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Bhagyoday Nagar, lane no. 2, Kondhwa, Pune:48


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